Heavy Gear Assault

ETA Spring 2016

The award winning Heavy Gear Assault development team plans to release HGA in the form of modules. Heavy Gear Assault will release in a series of modules, culminating with the launch of the Heavy Gear persistent universe with episodic single player warfare. Anticipated release dates for these modules are currently being finalized. However, the first module to be released is the Battle Module, which is planned for release by Q2 2014. For more information please visit

The Battle Module consists of the core gameplay mechanic. All of the major systems and sub-systems will be introduced which are necessary for core gameplay such as the movement, inventory, damage, & weapons systems. Our Community Warfare tools will also be introduced such as our community lobby system, our basic match making system, and our dedicated server system all supporting a certain level of world persistence. The Battle Module will feature our first world codenamed “Hydro” as well as our finest selection of Gears and Striders available at the time of release. Our focus is not on content with this module but rather mechanic and balancing.

About Heavy Gear

Heavy Gear is a game universe published since 1994 by Canadian publisher Dream Pod 9. It includes a tabletop tactical wargame, a role-playing game and a lesser known combat card game (Heavy Gear Fighter). The setting is also known through the PC-game incarnations published by Activision in 1997 and 1999, developed after Activision lost the rights to the Battletech/MechWarrior series. It also spawned a 40-episodes, 3D-animated TV series in 2001, which featured a much simplified version of the universe developed in the role-playing game.