AT1:BT 2.3.0 Released
Posted by SuperMike, Tuesday, 27 October 2009

You may have noticed the timer the last couple of days and wondered what was going on. We have no clue either!

Just kidding!

We are pleased to announce the official Open Beta release of MekTek's Assault Tech 1: Battletech through MTX.

What is MekTek's Assault Tech 1: Battletech? It is an effort to bring the best of the MechWarrior series into one game. We are entering the open beta stage, which means your feedback will help us in the development process.

What is MTX? MekTek X is a multi-featured application that we will be using to distribute our software and updates. With features such as integrated chatrooms, web browser, and the capability to update and launch your favorite MekTek releases, it will make obtaining, mainaining and using all your programs a snap.

Download MTX nowthen view the installation instructions
There is a known issue with the Marauder IIc. Avoid using it, as it will crash the game. A patch will be released and available through MTX tomorrow.

Starving for some news on AT1?
Posted by Vam, Saturday, 17 October 2009

Its been some time since we last updated you on the progress being made on AT1. We figured it was about time to show another YouTube Video! This one demonstrates an underground mechlab map on Colmar! Developed by Sake906 we are very pleased to show it off. The AT1 team is busy preparing for the public 2.3 release coming very soon.

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